About Us

A Leader In Quality and Experience

Caliber Mold and Machine is a machine shop that specializes in tire molds and related parts, ranging from tractor tires to motor cycle tires, and any mechanism part big or small. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and have over 45 years experience in manufacturing and repairing tire molds. With our vast range of equipment and welding ability we can handle most types of projects, even non tire mold related such as wind turbine rings. Our knowledgeable staff works closely from beginning to end providing top notch customer service. We will figure out a way to get what you need so please give us a call.

HISTORY: Founded in 1969 by Jack D. Thornton under the name Jax Mold and Machine in Ontario Canada. Jack created a standard for the industry. This standard has been passed down through two generations.

Jack had four sons that have carried on the business, two of whom are currently very involved, Paul and Tom. Tom has two sons that are stepping in the same footprint that was made years ago.

There are three locations in the U.S.A; Caliber Mold and Machine in Akron, Ohio, TeNac INC in Morrison, Tennessee, and Athens Mold and Machine in Athens, Ohio. All of which are proud to be family and American owned. 

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180 Mill Street
Athens Ohio, 45701
Phone Number: 740-593-6613